The SuperNatural Series

The Models:

  • All Natural High Country
  • All Natural Old School (Hill Style)
  • All Natural  Puritan

  •  Our Huntworthy Productions SuperNatural Series are bamboo back and bamboo belly with a single, double, or triple core laminations.  We like to use ipe as the center core, with various woods for the other two laminations.  Riser woods and tip overlay material may vary also. 
  • At Huntworthy we use an alcohol based dye to do all of our dye patterns on the natural bows.  The bamboo can be in its natural blonde color, or any pattern that you or I can think of. 
  • All the bamboo bellies are carbonized in the SuperNatural Series.  Carbonizing enhances the compression capabilities of the bamboo . . . and it looks really cool.
  • Sight window can be cut 1/8" to center, cut to center, or cut 1/8" past center. 
  • Shelf can be straight to medium, or high radius. 
  • We can build these model bows to your draw length and personal poundages, plus or minus three pounds. 
  • All models can have a straight grip; locator grip; or shallow, medium, or high heel grip design.  They can also come with a thumb locator and finger grips on the front of the bow. 
  • Bows can be made right or left handed. 
  • Grips can come uncovered or covered with various exotic to plain leathers.  It all depends on what on want if you are ordering a custom bow. 
  • Custom bow orders require a $120.00 deposit before initiating the build.  Once the bow build has been started, the deposit becomes nonrefundable.  

Please call 229-310-5778 or e-mail is you have any questions about custom bows.

Be sure to check out what bows we currently have in stock.  We may have something that strikes your fancy . . . without the wait!

Old School Model (Hill Style)

  • The Old School Model follows the tried and true traditions of the old timers.  This model comes in a string follow model, straight model, and limb set back model. 
  • The Old School can have the grips from days gone by: straight or slight dish grip.
  • Bow lengths come in 66", 68", and 70" from tip to tip.  Right or left handed. 
  • Straight to very slight radiused shelf. 
  • These bows are very forgiving and a pleasure to shoot.  Silent as a church mouse.  And because this is an all-natural model, there is little to no hand shock.

Available payment methods:
Money Order
Credit Card payment over the phone
Call 229-310-5778
Mail checks or money orders to
  1205 Rainbow Dr.
​Mount Holly, NC 28120

Available payment methods:
Paypal, Check, Money Order, and
Credit Card payment over the phone.
Call 229-310-5778
Mail checks or money orders to:
 1205 Rainbow Dr.
​Mount Holly, NC 28120

The High Country

  • The High Country Longbow is a highly reflex deflexed design using all-natural materials. 
  • It comes in 64", 66", and 68" lengths, tip to tip. 
  • Pound for pound, our SuperNatural series bow will perform as well as or better than some fiberglass laminated bows. 
  • Excellent speeds, quiet, and dead in the hand. 
  • All bows are fast-flight string compatible.