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Huntworthy Productions 

Traditional Archery Bows

New Bamboo Backed and Bellied Bow Blanks will be available soon!

Huntworthy Productions supplies traditonalists with high quality, handcrafted products for an unforgettable archery experience.  Our traditional archery bows and other tried and true products are all “worthy of the hunt.”

We produce traditional all natural bows; wood and fiberglass bows; and horn bows.  Our traditional bows include bamboo-backed bows, bamboo backed and bellied bows, and wood and fiberglass bows.  Our SuperNatural Series is our line of all natural bows.  We offer In Stock bows and custom traditional bows.  Huntworthy Productions bows are built exclusively by James Parker.

We also offer the opportunity for individuals to craft their own bow from our high quality bow blanks.  These have a bamboo backing (which is either left natural or has a dye pattern) and a core of ipe.  They also have the riser wood glued on.  We offer a free instructional video.  The bows achieved from these blanks are widely known to be successful and exceptional.

Our range of services also includes consulting.  Consulting areas include, but are not limited to, laying out archery courses, archery course design, bow care, shooting instruction, and archery education.

We offer classes on bow-building, flint-knapping, and primitive living skills.  We are interested in sharing the skills for making traditional bows with whomever is willing to learn.  Primitive living skills are one of our priorities.  We are passionate about what we teach and believe in extending the technologies of ancient man to the present and future generations.

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