Huntworthy Productions Warranty and Returns

Finished Bows (Stock and Custom Bows) Warranty:

All finished bows have a 90 day warranty against manufacturers defects ONLY. This 90 day period starts when you receive your order in the mail.
If taken care of properly, our bows will last a lifetime of use and pleasure,

If any finished bow bow fails due to manufacturer's defects within the warranty period, return the item for a replacement or credit towards a new bow.

Warranty is non-transferable.

Huntworthy Productions will not warranty a bow against dry firing, failure to use the suggested bow stringer for bow type, overdrawing past the maximum draw length, neglect or abuse of the bow, or altering the bows original design or dimensions.  Huntworthy Productions will be the sole judge in deciding the cause and determining factor of the failure.
Please contact with a warranty claim and request a return authorization number.

Returns Policy:
All Huntworthy products have a 15 day return period starting from the day you receive your order in the mail.
Please contact with a return request and request a return authorization number.
Customer is responsible for return shipping and shipping insurance.
If returned items are damaged customer will be responsible for claims with the shipper.
If no insurance is purchased and the item(s) are damaged, there will be no refund.

​Huntworthy Productions will accept no returns on bow blanks that have been altered from their original dimensions (once you start working on it, it's yours.)